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Whether you organize a local run, marathon, or an international triathlon, you know it’s all about the experience. You want your participants to have a great time before, during, and after the event, not to mention showing value to the sponsors, volunteers, and community members who are committed to your event. With our state-of-the-art online event registration platform, RunningEvents.my, you can be rest assured that the tedious and time-consuming workload on event registration is taken care by a group of professional and dedicated personnel like us. 

RunningEvents.my is built with the objective to boost your event participation rate and get rid of the administrative work so you can focus more on other aspects of your event. As a result, you can organize a much better event and provide the unique experience for everyone involved. In simple terms, we want to do everything we can, be it with software or service to help you build the best event and more specifically the best experience that you can as an event organizer. 

About Sports Events House
RunningEvents.my is owned and operated by Sports Events House Sdn Bhd. We started out as a sports event management services company, with the vision of “ENCOURAGE HEALTHY LIFESTYLE THROUGH SPORTS”. As event organizer ourselves, we found using spreadsheets, sticky notes, binders, whiteboards and various traditional tools were extremely inefficient and frustrating. With technological advancement, the need for a more organized and IT driven approach was growing. We have since evolved into an IT company specialize in integrating Information Technology (IT) and Sports Events Management. We believe that with the help of technology, event organizers are able to organize better and high quality events, provide better experience to the participants, thus encourage more people to take part in sports and build a healthy lifestyle.

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Have you ever outdared your own limit? Have you ever performed better than what you expected? Do you want to know how far you can run? How fast? How extreme? RunningEvents.my want you to “OUTLIVE YOUR POSSIBILITY. We are here to bring all of us together to break our boundaries. Know your limit, Know your soul!    

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+603-8657 9551

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